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Thursday, October 26, 2006

STAFF Pages: Revamped and Reinvigorated

The site, as those in the know already know, is a permanent work-in-progress ... and this week it made some remarkable progress.

Instead of row upon row upon column of boring text to lull you into lotusland, we know have portraits to give that personal touch to the thumbnail descriptions (in the bull's case the 'thumbnail' is discernibly in name only) of the TQR staff. Full color, no less! With a few Easter eggs, to boot, for your surfing pleasure.

We know you have a choice when surfing the Web, and we don't take your decision to surf on us lightly. Once it is possible (and feasible) to present you with a virtual bag of peanuts (I am tending toward cashews), it shall be yours! This I guarantee, or my name is not Theodore Q. Rorschak.

Sincerely, TQR


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