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Thursday, August 23, 2012

LaFloor buries it top corner, ELEPHANT WALK is namoore

This Chris guy has one sick, twisted sense of humor, one that he is able to elevate while at the same time exploring some of the dirtiest scenes I've read for a long time.

It's carnal, irreverent, and filled with bathroom humor. Literally. Yet at the same time these scenes are heightened by language and pacing, by a pornographer character who claims metaphysical cred. This story was one strange juxtaposition of narrative form and content. The lofty, high-minded ideals were dragged through excrement, the excrement was put on a pedestal and celebrated. It was a ride, and, for the most part, a very entertaining one at that.

My difficulty, however, is the same as Otto's. It went on a touch too long. It meandered through debauchery instead of delving into character, and though the stakes were raised with every new scene, I found myself not so much captivated by what was going to happen, but hoping it would soon end. Indeed, it was like a bad drug trip, which is exactly what a lot of this story was meant to be, I suppose.

I say no.


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