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Friday, August 14, 2015

A SHREW does not survive the turning of Dep's screw

Bonjour bonjour, R. Ravindra:

We've seen your name here before in these halls and it's a sign of something good, I have unilaterally decided, to see it appear again with your new submission, A Shrew.

There are many aspects of your cap that I found engaging, to be sure, dear VC. You are adept, for example, at relating the characteristics of a shrewful shrew to your reader.

Where the Monkey's interest lapsed was in two main areas it seems:

1. the relentlessness of it all. Your shrew surely deserved her eventual comeuppance, but we kept anticipating that she would exhibit some hint of an admirable quality or two along the way to entice us to care for her a little. There were none detected. In short: never go full on despicable.

2. the washboard quality of the introduction of new characters confused us. Who's that? I heard the Monkey whisper a few times. From where did they suddenly appear and why? Of what significance are they? Difficult to follow.

We do so appreciate your good humour and your often deft handling of character, Rudy. But A Shrew cannot move forward in its current state, at least not within the dank walls of TQR.

All the best,

Gabrielle DePlancher / The Floor / TQR


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