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Thursday, May 21, 2015

TOUCHING THE MONKEY 2's back cover copy

For those conditioned to divide their fiction into categories, TTM2's got True crime, fantasy, dramedy, sci-fi, spec-lit, Brit-lit, chick-lit, not to mention clit-lit, as well as the exciting new genre of robot book review! But tqr is not about marketing ploys designed to sell you on some contrived concept of hyphenated lit. No, never! The only criterion over here is does it reach the guarded place inside you where the wild thing lies? In tqr-speak it's the oft-asked question, 'Does it touch the monkey?' Well ... not only does TTM2 touch it, it awakens it to the point where it's glaring back at you from the confines of its cage with a look that says, "Oh how I'd love to tear open your ribcage and rip your lungs out!" The only thing you should wonder is, "How strong are those bars?"


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