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Monday, March 20, 2006

Vermestus Flump Reads the Blog, why wouldn't you?

This oddly named person seems to think this here blog has prospects. So...I want to believe him in the worst way. Oh God how I long for a public following! Did you hear how that Beltway Bimbo the so-called 'Wonkette' snagged a job with Time magazine? Sheesh! Can't I blog better than that? Of course, I don't have the Beltway schwing and connections in high places. But Vermestus Flump is a start. Here is his insightful posting to my recent thread calling you all out as fuckers and miscreants for leaving no comments for me to gauge my success as a blogger upon.

Vermestus Flump said...
Veners, you say you think no one is listening but I tell you that if my hands were not wrapped up in bandages because I burned them making pizza in a too hot oven, I would have written earlier or later than this.

Don't call us fuckers anymore, you big fucker. It ain't right.

The public is everywhere. And large too. With a following.

Some of us can read. But, like I said, my hands were wrapped up and couldn't give you any fuckin' feedback. But I am here now. I don't write so good, see? But I can read and all I can say is get me a story to read.

I am hungry and have only had a string bean to eat.


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