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Friday, May 12, 2006

From the Chair: The Songs Remain the Same

Dear Investors,

The Spring Issue is upon us, and with it, a batch of Capital Gains long on title, but not overly weighty in the ‘word count’ department. You flash-addled Web crawlers may even be able to cozy up to one of these – as far as I am concerned -- fabuli petite.

As I read back through these four works, I started noticing similarities and dichotomies twixt them that seemed strange and wonderful because of the lack of conscious effort on TQR’s part to put together a quartet of such like offerings. But all you need do is read, and the connections coalesce like strands of a spider’s web spanning a cemetery gate in the early morning sun. Where Ann Leckie’s fine venture -- even as it is artfully contradicting itself -- lingers on death, Peter Hagelslag’s narrative imagines a world that has conquered mortality and follows this actuality to its logical (and terrible) conclusion for humankind (meat plants), and Steven J. Dines’ tale snatches death from the jaws of life and then back again and JR Colvin’s piece is a groovy commingling of death and birth and that uncertain something inbetween. These are not the only similarities and dichotomies, but all that I have time to wax prophetic upon.

The reason for these unintended similarities of theme, it seems, may not be so incidental after all, but the fact that no matter the pigeonhole allotted, total quality reading material tends toward the same themes: death, birth, renaissance, redemption, etc – with an overall transcendence that is impossible to deny.

Enjoy the reads! And please continue to invest in TQR.

Effervescently, Theodore Q. Rorschalk


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