TQR Confidential

Friday, July 07, 2006

Boligard 3 ... Rorschalk nil

Good thing this is a best out of 537 game series! Otherwise, I'd be worried. So. Here is the script. A bit is shaved off the top due to my raging 2-year-old having attacked my keyboard and booted me out of the metaversal dojo, thus the script was erased from where I was last uncorporeal. Or whatever. Anyhow. It was another humiliating dealio. Thank goodness I only have to go through this another 259-odd times. Btw, I entered the dojo under the guise of 'spasky' (then 'spazky' after my son had booted me from the dojo for a second time) in hopes the name would give me power to open up a can of chesh whupass. Hey, I can dream, can't I?

[20:21 doomey] i got your stupid move, pops
[20:21 Guest_spasky] I'm channeling Boris ... hot dog!
[20:21 Guest_spasky] I'm drinking Coors Extra Gold tonite.
[20:22 doomey] e6
[20:22 Guest_spasky] Did you move?
[20:22 Guest_spasky] Got your move!
[20:22 doomey] i am drinkong bohemias and pacificos tonight
[20:22 doomey] drinkong
[20:22 doomey] hah
[20:23 Guest_spasky] e3
[20:23 doomey] i got yer damn move, yo
[20:23 Guest_spasky] I'm one move ahead of you, mate.
[20:23 doomey] c5
[20:24 Guest_spasky] What's your ketchup one?
[20:24 Guest_spasky] Got your move.
[20:24 Guest_spasky] And it is an early force, might I add.
[20:24 Guest_spasky] The boy needs 'juice'. Sam, that is. BRb with a killer move.
[20:25 doomey] okay
[20:26 Guest_spasky] n3f
[20:26 Guest_spasky] hvnjn
[20:26 doomey] got yer move
[20:27 doomey] getting the knights out
[20:27 doomey] nice, bro
[20:27 doomey] you have been practicing
[20:27 doomey] eh?
[20:28 Guest_spazky] Sam again.
[20:28 Guest_spazky] I gotta keep him off the keyboard.
[20:28 doomey] Nb6
[20:28 Guest_spazky] Now it's 3 against 1.
[20:28 doomey] now there's 3 of you spass
[20:29 Guest_spazky] Don't you mean c6?
[20:29 Guest_spazky] Nc6?
[20:29 Guest_spazky] Come one bra. Don't freak out like that.
[20:29 doomey] c6
[20:30 doomey] sorry sorry sorry
[20:30 Guest_spazky] Eh?
[20:30 doomey] Nc6 yes
[20:30 Guest_spazky] Ok
[20:30 Guest_spazky] got your move
[20:31 Guest_spazky] N5b
[20:32 doomey] got yer move
[20:32 doomey] ooh, yer getting into my shit, yo!
[20:32 Guest_spazky] got it?
[20:33 doomey] yer horse is yalping down on my right flank!
[20:33 Guest_spazky] You can conced now.
[20:33 Guest_spazky] And we can talk aobut other hsit
[20:33 Guest_spazky] Yo?
[20:34 doomey] Nf6
[20:34 Guest_spazky] I'm being coached by guest Spasky
[20:34 doomey] conced?
[20:34 doomey] you have downed a whole hell of a lot of coors, eh?
[20:34 Guest_spazky] got yer move
[20:35 Guest_spazky] b3 d
[20:36 Guest_spazky] yeah?
[20:36 Guest_spazky] got it?
[20:36 Guest_spazky] got it?
[20:36 Guest_spazky] Well... do ya?
[20:36 doomey] don't know what yer talking about, sister
[20:36 doomey] b3 d?
[20:37 Guest_spazky] Has your boy kicked you out of the dojo, too?
[20:37 doomey] i see nothing on b3
[20:37 Guest_spazky] Bishop 3d
[20:37 doomey] oh bishop
[20:37 Guest_spazky] No?
[20:37 doomey] okay
[20:37 doomey] got your move!
[20:37 Guest_spazky] You are ripe for the picking this day, sirrah.
[20:38 Guest_spazky] Or maybe I just blocked out my shit.
[20:38 Guest_spazky] Damn!
[20:38 Guest_spazky] Hey. No table talk!
[20:38 Guest_spazky] I'm sabotaging my own self.
[20:39 doomey] a6
[20:39 Guest_spazky] Got it?
[20:39 Guest_spazky] got your move.
[20:39 Guest_spazky] that's a pawn move, right?
[20:39 Guest_spazky] Lonely, lonely night.
[20:40 doomey] i will not be picked
[20:40 Guest_spazky] Oh shit, your harassing my horse.
[20:40 doomey] pawn yes
[20:40 Guest_spazky] hmmm
[20:40 Guest_spazky] do I retreat?
[20:40 Guest_spazky] do I stay or do I go?
[20:40 doomey] bumping up against your horse pervertedly
[20:40 Guest_spazky] Or use the horse as a diversion?
[20:41 doomey] why stay?
[20:41 doomey] what would be the point?
[20:41 doomey] pride, sir?
[20:41 doomey] gallop!
[20:42 doomey] you got kicked out again, eh? that little sammy
[20:42 doomey] he is such a devil
[20:42 Guest_spazky] N3 c
[20:43 doomey] got your move!
[20:43 Guest_spazky] =Actually
[20:43 Guest_spazky] I was just t5hinking
[20:43 Guest_spazky] and it wasn't working.
[20:43 Guest_spazky] You have backed me off.
[20:43 Guest_spazky] How much do I owe you for that?
[20:44 doomey] Bd6
[20:44 Guest_spazky] Hey, I made you move out your pawn. That could come back to haunt you.
[20:44 doomey] you owe me nothing for mulling over a move, sirah
[20:44 doomey] i salute you
[20:44 Guest_spazky] got yer move
[20:44 doomey] like ac/dc
[20:44 doomey] although
[20:44 Guest_spazky] Anticipating a castlingmaneuver, eh?
[20:45 Guest_spazky] bastard.
[20:45 doomey] you should not have moved that damn horse forward to start with, right?
[20:45 Guest_spazky] OK. I'll bite. Castle - kingside.
[20:45 doomey] unless you've devious plans
[20:45 Guest_spazky] Yo
[20:46 doomey] got!
[20:46 doomey] your!
[20:46 doomey] move!
[20:46 doomey] nice
[20:46 Guest_spazky] but that means it was a lonely, wasted move!
[20:46 doomey] you've built yourself quite the stronghold, sister
[20:46 Guest_spazky] the horse into enemy territory I mean. Oh well.
[20:47 Guest_spazky] I'm soon to bring out the killing machine - Q
[20:47 doomey] that was a lonely move
[20:47 doomey] hah
[20:47 Guest_spazky] Watch yersef.
[20:47 doomey] so now you've learned your lesson and you will not do it again, eh?
[20:48 Guest_spazky] How's the heat up there this week?
[20:48 Guest_spazky] No ... never!
[20:48 doomey] mild this week
[20:48 doomey] this weekend should be good
[20:48 doomey] last week was our heat wave
[20:48 doomey] as you know
[20:48 doomey] as i told you
[20:48 Guest_spazky] never...
[20:48 doomey] too frickin hot
[20:48 doomey] but it's a mild 70 now
[20:48 Guest_spazky] nevermore.
[20:48 doomey] breezy
[20:48 doomey] nice
[20:48 Guest_spazky] Nice!
[20:49 doomey] castle king side, yo
[20:49 Guest_spazky] Good cabbage sprinkling weather I vow.
[20:49 Guest_spazky] got yer move!
[20:49 Guest_spazky] We're in a Castillian Standoff.
[20:50 doomey] hah
[20:50 Guest_spazky] I'm thinking.
[20:50 Guest_spazky] thinking.
[20:50 Guest_spazky] Sam has settled down. He's sitting serenly on my lap.
[20:50 doomey] um
[20:50 doomey] hm
[20:50 Guest_spazky] It's quite touching.
[20:50 Guest_spazky] I think I booted him so often that he's learned how to behave and not get booted finally.
[20:51 Guest_spazky] Don't get all perverty.
[20:51 Guest_spazky] thinking.
[20:51 Guest_spazky] It's actually very sweet.
[20:51 Guest_spazky] No Humbert Humbert here, sir.
[20:51 doomey] he's tired
[20:51 doomey] maybe
[20:51 doomey] or maybe he's up to something
[20:52 Guest_spazky] He's got his two ham fists on my forearms as I type this.
[20:52 doomey] hah
[20:52 doomey] ham fists
[20:52 Guest_spazky] Yes. He could be up to something.
[20:52 Guest_spazky] Oh, he just went for the keyboard!
[20:52 doomey] watch your sack, bra
[20:52 Guest_spazky] Like a flash!
[20:52 Guest_spazky] I'm so far blocking him out successfully.
[20:52 doomey] nice
[20:52 Guest_spazky] Ever play that old game Missile Command?
[20:53 doomey] defense!
[20:53 Guest_spazky] It's sort lik that.
[20:53 doomey] defense!
[20:53 doomey] right
[20:53 Guest_spazky] Anyhow. I'm still thinking about the move!
[20:53 Guest_spazky] Can we call it a draw?
[20:53 doomey] sure you are
[20:53 doomey] what?!!!!!!
[20:54 doomey] no draw, sister!
[20:54 hautdesert] has joined the room.
[20:54 Guest_spazky] ha ha
[20:54 doomey] hot desert in the house!
[20:55 hautdesert] For a minute or two, anyway!
[20:55 Guest_spazky] hiya hautdesert, didn't you get the e-mail that ZH rehearsal had been cancelled?
[20:55 hautdesert] I figured I"d pop in and say hi.
[20:55 hautdesert] Yeah, I did.
[20:55 hautdesert]
[20:55 Guest_spazky] It's just me and B here trading blows.
[20:55 hautdesert] I was checking out the free market, too, since I hadn't been there a bit.
[20:55 hautdesert] Got kind of...agressive there, huh?
[20:55 Guest_spazky] Cool. I thought I forgot to mail you one.
[20:55 Guest_spazky] Don't worry. Stable Boy is toast.
[20:56 doomey] ted, as spass, is falling under my rook's crowning
[20:56 Guest_spazky] But you didn't hear it from me!
[20:56 hautdesert] Nope, you got one to me!
[20:56 Guest_spazky] You heard it from Spazky ... yeah. Spazky.
[20:56 Guest_spazky] See?
[20:56 hautdesert] Glad to hear it, about Stable Boy.
[20:56 doomey] the boy is toast?
[20:56 doomey] did you burn the barn, theo?
[20:56 Guest_spazky] Anyhow. I gotta move.
[20:56 hautdesert] Though--and I never said this--sb's companion I often find...a bit overboard for my taste. But that's me.
[20:57 hautdesert] So who's winning?
[20:57 Guest_spazky] I believe there is a cabal of murderers gunning for him.
[20:57 hautdesert] This does not surprise me in the least.
[20:57 Guest_spazky] It's kind of hard to tell right now. No blood so far.
[20:57 doomey] ha hah, bulldust is a special sort of character
[20:58 Guest_spazky] NxP7h
[20:58 Guest_spazky] x
[20:58 hautdesert] That he is, doomey.
[20:58 Guest_spazky] How you gonna get outta this one Doomey!
[20:58 Guest_spazky] Oh...
[20:59 Guest_spazky] Yeah...
[20:59 Guest_spazky] No great shakes.
[20:59 doomey] i gotta say, once again, i be lost
[20:59 doomey] your knight takes what?
[20:59 Guest_spazky] As to Bull being over the top. We need that sort of thing to get the blood flowing. I don't know.
[20:59 Guest_spazky] Pawn 7h
[21:00 Guest_spazky] I mean Bishop.
[21:00 Guest_spazky] I meant bishop.
[21:00 Guest_spazky] dang me.
[21:00 doomey] where was your knight, ted?
[21:00 doomey] oh bishop?
[21:00 Guest_spazky] got my move now, suchah?
[21:00 Guest_spazky] suckah?
[21:01 Guest_spazky] yeah?
[21:01 doomey] got your move, sirah
[21:01 doomey] first blood!
[21:01 Guest_spazky] suck it.
[21:01 doomey] you took first blood!
[21:01 Guest_spazky] x
[21:01 Guest_spazky] I had to break the cherry.
[21:01 Guest_spazky] I am the great spazky.
[21:02 doomey] Kxh7
[21:02 hautdesert] Yay, Ted!
[21:02 hautdesert] or spazky.
[21:02 Guest_spazky] Now just do what you must.
[21:02 doomey] he thought being spassky might add to his luck this time out
[21:02 Guest_spazky] got yer move!
[21:03 doomey] you get my move, ted?
[21:03 hautdesert] You never know.
[21:03 doomey] okay
[21:03 Guest_spazky] It was a short lived advantage, haut... oh well.
[21:03 Guest_spazky] little victories.
[21:03 hautdesert] You take what you get.
[21:03 Guest_spazky] Now I've exposed you for the fraud you are!
[21:03 hautdesert] ?
[21:03 Guest_spazky] That was directed at my opponent, not you desert.
[21:04 hautdesert] Ah!
[21:04 hautdesert] I was a bit perplexed...
[21:04 Guest_spazky] WE like to make sport of each other while we kill off each other's army.
[21:04 hautdesert] "How did he discover?" I asked myself.
[21:04 doomey] moi? a fraud?
[21:04 Guest_spazky] N5g
[21:05 doomey] got your move!
[21:05 Guest_spazky] x
[21:05 doomey] that would be check
[21:05 doomey] damn
[21:05 doomey] you bastard!
[21:05 hautdesert] Oooh!
[21:05 Guest_spazky] ha shaw!
[21:06 hautdesert] Can doomey escape?
[21:06 Guest_spazky] Luck be a lady tonight!
[21:06 doomey] Kg8
[21:06 Guest_spazky] Thanks for showing up, Hautdesert!
[21:07 Guest_spazky] got yer move.
[21:07 hautdesert] No problem!
[21:07 doomey] yes, desert. wish we had a board to show you where be who and who be what and such
[21:07 Guest_spazky] brb
[21:07 doomey] maybe in the future we will have a board like they do in the master tournys
[21:07 hautdesert] Yeah, I have trouble visualizing.
[21:08 hautdesert] Course, I could set one up beforehand and really be compulsive about it..
[21:08 hautdesert] naah.
[21:08 doomey] yah
[21:08 doomey] too much trouble, me thinks
[21:08 doomey] we need a neon board flashing the moves
[21:08 doomey] that would be cool
[21:08 hautdesert] Yeah.
[21:09 hautdesert] Ooh, yes, that would be excellent.
[21:09 Guest_spazky] my move
[21:09 hautdesert] I wonder if there's software available for something like that?
[21:09 hautdesert] I mean, I know they make online games, I mean something free or codeable.
[21:09 doomey] of course, there must be some way we could do this, but we are not privy to such knowledge
[21:10 Guest_spazky] yeah. I'll set that up tonight, with Bobby Fischer and Boris Yeltsin.
[21:10 Guest_spazky] Yahoo has something like that, don't they?
[21:10 hautdesert] Yeah, they do.
[21:10 doomey] ah yes, bob and boris
[21:10 doomey] that would be sweet
[21:10 hautdesert] I've heard there's popups, even in the middle of chess games.
[21:10 hautdesert] Though I've never tried it.
[21:11 Guest_spazky] Meanwhile, I must move! Keep the pressure on!
[21:11 Guest_spazky] I have to stand and peruse the board from above...
[21:12 hautdesert] You stand on the cieling?
[21:12 doomey] he has lifts
[21:12 doomey] like in the disco days
[21:12 doomey] like kiss
[21:12 Guest_spazky] 3g
[21:13 hautdesert] Ah!
[21:13 doomey] got your move
[21:13 doomey] theo
[21:13 doomey] never move the pawn in front of your king, sister
[21:14 Guest_spazky] got it?
[21:14 doomey] c5xd4
[21:14 Guest_spazky] Oh shit, what have I done?
[21:15 hautdesert] Dang, I clicked away for a moment!
[21:15 Guest_spazky] got your move.
[21:16 Guest_spazky] q3f
[21:17 Guest_spazky] HD, you didn't miss much!
[21:17 Guest_spazky] I'm going for broke baby!
[21:17 doomey] Qf3?
[21:17 doomey] got your move
[21:18 Guest_spazky] Hear me roar!
[21:18 Guest_spazky] raaaar.
[21:19 Guest_spazky] I'm playing on pure adrenaline. With the help of a little crank, sister.
[21:19 Guest_spazky] And no that's not dick joke.
[21:19 doomey] d4xc3
[21:19 Guest_spazky] Banzai and all that.
[21:20 Guest_spazky] got yer move
[21:20 doomey] you crazy, ted
[21:20 Guest_spazky] 2bx3c
[21:20 doomey] someone should break into your house and haul you away in a big white strap-around, yo
[21:21 Guest_spazky] Alls I know is you got one pawn and I gots 2!
[21:21 doomey] got your move!
[21:21 Guest_spazky] that's some mean ass chessing there, boy.
[21:22 Guest_spazky] hello?
[21:22 Guest_spazky] You know what I'm saying?
[21:22 doomey] that's like being skinned over a boiling pot of chicken stew and being sprinkled with salt, baby!
[21:23 Guest_spazky] Gotta try on some shorts my wife just bought me...
[21:23 Guest_spazky] hold on..
[21:23 Guest_spazky] I'm removing my soiled pair now.
[21:24 doomey] oh christ
[21:24 doomey] Ne5
[21:24 Guest_spazky] Way too small!
[21:25 doomey] that's in now, ted
[21:25 Guest_spazky] I've been losing weight, but 32 inch waist? Please!
[21:25 doomey] small shorts
[21:25 doomey] shorty shorts, bra
[21:25 Guest_spazky] 34 is more like it.
[21:25 Guest_spazky] got your move!
[21:27 doomey] mulling...
[21:27 Guest_spazky] q2e
[21:27 doomey] come on, ted!
[21:27 doomey] got your move!
[21:28 Guest_spazky] Now I understand why you don't move that damn pawn in front of your king!
[21:28 Guest_spazky] Fucking horses!
[21:29 doomey] Ne4
[21:29 doomey] i don't
[21:29 Guest_spazky] All right.
[21:29 doomey] iwas just being a smartass
[21:29 Guest_spazky] got yer move.
[21:30 Guest_spazky] you trying to bust my balls?
[21:30 Guest_spazky] Stable boy tried to bust my balls.
[21:30 Guest_spazky] You know what happened to him?
[21:30 Guest_spazky] Toast.
[21:30 doomey] jeez
[21:30 doomey] i do like toast, but...
[21:30 Guest_spazky] But luckily, I'm in here under a nom de plume.
[21:31 Guest_spazky] Elsewise, things would be different.
[21:31 doomey] or a plum de la nom
[21:31 Guest_spazky] My lucky lady just ran out on me.
[21:31 doomey] yeah, like plymouth
[21:31 Guest_spazky] Is it my move?
[21:31 doomey] yesh
[21:31 Guest_spazky] Yeah, it is.
[21:33 Guest_spazky] q5h
[21:33 doomey] desert done left us
[21:33 doomey] nice of her to stop by
[21:33 Guest_spazky] Boom! Goes the dynamite.
[21:33 doomey] me thinks she was rooting for you, ted
[21:34 doomey] got your move
[21:34 Guest_spazky] Oh shit!
[21:34 Guest_spazky] I retract it!
[21:34 Guest_spazky] I get one mulligan, don't I?
[21:34 hautdesert] I'm here!
[21:34 hautdesert] got distracted.
[21:35 Guest_spazky] Come on. I don't know what I was all cocky for!
[21:35 doomey] Nxg5
[21:35 Guest_spazky] Well, you know. She is the first woman I ever published.
[21:35 Guest_spazky] I retract! I redact!
[21:35 hautdesert] Not seriously?
[21:35 doomey] ah, tis a special relationship
[21:35 hautdesert] *peers at archive"
[21:35 hautdesert] Dang!
[21:35 Guest_spazky] One mulligan. One mulligan, plz!
[21:36 Guest_spazky] take it all back.
[21:36 doomey] okay
[21:36 doomey] you wanna take back that last move?
[21:36 Guest_spazky] Is anyone listening?
[21:36 Guest_spazky] I rushed it?
[21:36 doomey] not me
[21:36 Guest_spazky] Yes!
[21:36 doomey] what do you want to take back?
[21:37 doomey] queen move?
[21:37 doomey] come on!
[21:37 doomey] i got places i gots to be, damn you
[21:37 doomey] let's go
[21:37 doomey] hup to!
[21:37 Guest_spazky] My queen was on 2e, right?
[21:37 doomey] hup hup!
[21:37 doomey] yes
[21:37 Guest_spazky] Yo?
[21:38 Guest_spazky] Ok!
[21:38 doomey] my knight was on e4
[21:38 Guest_spazky] I wll move from that position!
[21:38 doomey] your knight was on g5
[21:38 doomey] okay, you got the knights back where they are supposed to be?
[21:38 Guest_spazky] Nxn4e
[21:39 Guest_spazky] yes!
[21:39 doomey] got your move!
[21:39 Guest_spazky] got yer knight!
[21:39 doomey] d5xe4
[21:39 Guest_spazky] It's a battle of nutrition!
[21:39 Guest_spazky] Hautdesert is in delay hell.
[21:40 doomey] yesh!
[21:40 Guest_spazky] got yer move!
[21:40 Guest_spazky] I've still got the most pawns.
[21:41 hautdesert] No, I'm trying to watch and also make an origami horse shoe crab.
[21:41 hautdesert] The two don't mix.
[21:41 doomey] yes, you are rich in pawns
[21:42 Guest_spazky] 4h
[21:42 doomey] got yer move
[21:42 Guest_spazky] ah hah! Got yer oragami!
[21:42 doomey] Nf3
[21:42 doomey] check
[21:42 hautdesert] club?
[21:43 hautdesert] Yep, the progeny are into it these days. I'm test running a book from the library.
[21:43 doomey] you made a horse shoe crab out of paper
[21:43 Guest_spazky] I think those numbers next to the names of the chatter is actually time elapsed twixt posts, not delay time.
[21:43 doomey] amazing, yo
[21:43 doomey] you think?
[21:43 doomey] maybe
[21:43 doomey] maybe so, yo
[21:43 hautdesert] I was wondering what those were about!
[21:44 Guest_spazky] got yer move.
[21:44 hautdesert] I did! It looks a bit messy..
[21:44 Guest_spazky] x
[21:44 Guest_spazky] Kh1
[21:45 doomey] got yer move
[21:45 Guest_spazky] now what are you going to do, you sissy.
[21:45 doomey] Nxh4
[21:46 Guest_spazky] huh?
[21:46 Guest_spazky] got yer move.
[21:46 doomey] huh what
[21:46 Guest_spazky] Now you have pawns as I do.
[21:46 doomey] ah HAH!
[21:46 doomey] yes!
[21:46 Guest_spazky] Huh, yo mama.
[21:47 doomey] bah-hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha
[21:47 Guest_spazky] 4a
[21:47 doomey] that's all you got?!
[21:47 doomey] a4!
[21:47 doomey] got!
[21:47 doomey] your!
[21:47 Guest_spazky] I'm eating Kroger-brand nutsl.
[21:47 doomey] move![21:47 doomey] bitch!
[21:48 doomey] hook yer nuts up and spill yer yards, yar
[21:48 Guest_spazky] How's your wife?
[21:48 hautdesert] We used to have Kroger here.
[21:48 Guest_spazky] Eh?
[21:48 doomey] e6-e5
[21:49 Guest_spazky] What happend, got bought out by Safeway?
[21:49 Guest_spazky] got yer move.
[21:49 doomey] good christ, get yer nuts in hand.
[21:49 doomey] we've none of the brands you mentioned
[21:49 doomey] we grow ours on trees
[21:50 Guest_spazky] 5a
[21:50 doomey] got yer move
[21:50 Guest_spazky] Got yer gamibt!
[21:51 doomey] Bh3
[21:51 Guest_spazky] So?
[21:52 doomey] so...
[21:52 Guest_spazky] R1g
[21:52 hautdesert] now I"m delayed...
[21:52 doomey] lay down before me and worship me like a god!
[21:52 doomey] got your move
[21:52 hautdesert] They went out of business and disappeared.
[21:52 Guest_spazky] so?
[21:52 hautdesert] The nuts on trees here don't come already roasted and salted.
[21:53 Guest_spazky] Alls I gotta say is: Kroger rocks!
[21:53 hautdesert] Just a random thought.
[21:53 doomey] Nf3
[21:53 hautdesert] Yeah, my family liked to shop there. That was ages ago.
[21:53 Guest_spazky] Hey man, did you know that HD is constantly folding proteins on her computer?
[21:53 doomey] the nuts off our trees are salted and roasted
[21:53 doomey] strange yours aren't
[21:53 doomey] um
[21:54 doomey] kneel down and prey to me like a frickin golden bull!
[21:54 hautdesert] .
[21:55 doomey] desert has period to say
[21:55 hautdesert] It's my computer's mission to help cure cancer!
[21:55 Guest_spazky] b3B[21:55 hautdesert] One of them distributed computing projects.
[21:55 hautdesert] Like seti@home.
[21:55 hautdesert] I'm freezing up! If I don't put in a message, I don't see any of yours.
[21:55 hautdesert] hence the dot.
[21:56 doomey] unclick refresh, darling
[21:56 Guest_spazky] But HD, isn't it true that cancer is an industry. If you find a cure,a bunch of people are unemployed?
[21:56 hautdesert] .
[21:56 doomey] up top, the refresh box
[21:56 doomey] uncheck it
[21:56 hautdesert] Well, people may be unemployed, but it seems a decent tradeoff.
[21:56 doomey] did you try and move Bb3, ted?
[21:57 hautdesert] Besides, there are other jobs helping take care of the people who don't die of cancer, yes?
[21:57 Guest_spazky] No, I think you must click the refresh, not unclick it?
[21:57 doomey] can't move to b3
[21:57 hautdesert] THanks, doomey, I've unclicked--I'll see if that helps.
[21:57 Guest_spazky] yeah, I did? Is that not right?
[21:57 hautdesert] Okay, I"ll re-click...
[21:57 doomey] oh right
[21:57 doomey] check the box, desert!
[21:57 doomey] check it
[21:57 Guest_spazky] I mean b2
[21:58 hautdesert] .
[21:58 doomey] your bishop, ted, is on c1
[21:58 Guest_spazky] Bishop b2
[21:58 doomey] you want to move it where?
[21:58 hautdesert] Hm, it's just messed up, clicked or unclicked.
[21:58 doomey] b2?
[21:58 doomey] okay
[21:58 Guest_spazky] damn it.
[21:58 doomey] got your move
[21:58 Guest_spazky] Yeah, this dojo sucks.
[21:58 Guest_spazky] But it's all we got!
[21:59 Guest_spazky] I got one Bishop, a rook and a microphone.
[21:59 hautdesert] Oooh, if I click ont he word refresh, it refreshes!
[21:59 hautdesert] Didn't need to earlier, but there it is. Ted, like I said, you take what you get. No sweat.
[22:00 Guest_spazky] yo?
[22:00 Guest_spazky] BD is plotting his next crushing move.
[22:00 doomey] b6
[22:00 Guest_spazky] HD is folding proteins.
[22:01 Guest_spazky] got yer move!
[22:01 hautdesert] Or his next moving crush?
[22:01 Guest_spazky] what's up with that?'
[22:01 doomey] folding proteins?
[22:01 doomey] can we talk in questions from here on out?
[22:02 Guest_spazky] I'm going to en passant your damn Bishop, yeah?
[22:02 hautdesert] What's up with folding protiens?
[22:02 Guest_spazky] How do you like dem apples, Doomey?
[22:02 doomey] you can't do that, ted!
[22:02 hautdesert] I think it's something to do with seeing how different protiens can be moved around or chaged, see?
[22:02 doomey] only pawns
[22:02 doomey] hah
[22:03 Guest_spazky] En passant the bishop, yo?
[22:03 doomey] only pawns, bra
[22:03 Guest_spazky] Give me that, will yuz?
[22:03 doomey] i see
[22:03 doomey] chaged
[22:03 hautdesert] And this has to do with what kinds of things might hook onto them, how their structured, etc, and hence how they might be rendered ineffective. Capiche?
[22:03 doomey] i dig chage
[22:03 hautdesert] Or something like that, anyway.
[22:03 hautdesert] It's pretty hazy in my mind, actually.
[22:03 Guest_spazky] All right, FUCKING GODDAMN FORGET IT!
[22:04 Guest_spazky] sORRY, hd, i HAVE TOURRETTES.
[22:04 hautdesert] Maybe I should read more about it.
[22:04 doomey] and a pushed in caps button
[22:04 hautdesert] Woah. Capslock tourettes!
[22:04 doomey] hah
[22:04 doomey] desert is a scientist, eh?
[22:04 hautdesert] No sweat. I used to work on a land surveying field crew. No joke.
[22:04 Guest_spazky] I wasnt swearing at you, HD. Doomey foiled my En Passant gambit.
[22:04 doomey] good christ, i love scientists
[22:04 hautdesert] I've heard some stuff.
[22:05 doomey] repect them, i do
[22:05 hautdesert] Nope. Housewife, actually.
[22:05 hautdesert] With a degree in music.
[22:05 hautdesert] And a bunch of odd jobs on my resume.
[22:05 doomey] some crazy stuff, eh, desert?
[22:05 Guest_spazky] Q4c
[22:05 hautdesert] My parents, they wuz scientists.
[22:05 doomey] heard some crazy digs?
[22:05 doomey] got yer move, ted!
[22:05 hautdesert] Yup. Waited tables, shot foundations, answered phones..
[22:06 hautdesert] Sold tickets for nearly unlistenable New Music concerts.
[22:06 doomey] wow
[22:07 doomey] color me impressed
[22:07 Guest_spazky] got it?
[22:07 hautdesert] Actually, some of the concerts were kind of cool. But most of them were hard to listen to.
[22:07 doomey] i respect the waitress crew
[22:07 doomey] i was a busboy once
[22:08 Guest_spazky] We publish only the most worldy folked fiction, is all.
[22:08 hautdesert] The clearing and waiting of tables--is very exhausting.
[22:08 Guest_spazky] Dig "They Sink"
[22:08 hautdesert] LOL, Ted! I guess writers are a bizzare crew.
[22:08 hautdesert] Glad to hear it!
[22:09 Guest_spazky] I'll have you know that not only am I being ground down to a nubbin, I am being ground down to a nubbin and I am sitting here in my underwear.
[22:09 hautdesert] It's fun to do things I have to research--it gives me an excuse to sit down and read and be able to say "I'm not being lazy, I'm working!"
[22:09 doomey] b6xa5
[22:09 hautdesert] Well, that's the only way to be ground down, if you have to be.
[22:09 Guest_spazky] Move, blast you!
[22:10 Guest_spazky] Got yer move.
[22:10 hautdesert] Especially if your shorts are too small. Be comfortable, that's what's important.
[22:10 Guest_spazky] I'm not seeing your strategem. ARe you taking the piss or what?
[22:10 doomey] got your move, sirah!
[22:11 Guest_spazky] Qx4e
[22:11 doomey] oh, you haven't moved yet
[22:11 doomey] good god, i must be drunk
[22:11 doomey] there we go
[22:12 doomey] got your move!
[22:12 Guest_spazky] How could you get it before I made it?
[22:12 hautdesert] I think time runs strangely in the dojo, that's all.
[22:12 doomey] i don't know
[22:12 doomey] i am laughing still
[22:12 doomey] watching absolutely fabulous while we play
[22:12 doomey] funny show
[22:12 Guest_spazky] It was like a scene from HD's cap. Kind of slipping the old spacetime continuum thing.
[22:12 doomey] damn
[22:13 doomey] those girls will ruin my game, yo
[22:13 hautdesert] Sinking?
[22:13 doomey] Nd2
[22:14 Guest_spazky] I'm concentrating on the game, and the game alone. You are dishonoring me, sir.
[22:14 doomey] what'd you do with sam?
[22:14 Guest_spazky] got yer move
[22:14 doomey] you toos him to the wayside?
[22:15 Guest_spazky] Pam, the old lady (my beautiful wife) came home.
[22:15 Guest_spazky] He prefers brunettes.
[22:15 doomey] ah
[22:15 doomey] pam
[22:15 hautdesert] With new shorts?
[22:15 doomey] say 'ello to pam, from the worst of us
[22:16 Guest_spazky] Q5d
[22:16 doomey] got your move
[22:17 Guest_spazky] Will do, bucko. "Hi Pam! From Doomey ... with love!"
[22:17 doomey] e4
[22:17 doomey] kinda like James frickin Bond, eh?
[22:18 Guest_spazky] She replied, "Stop abusing my hubby!"
[22:18 hautdesert] A loyal wife!
[22:18 Guest_spazky] Yeah, I told her that was lame.
[22:18 Guest_spazky] got yer move!
[22:19 Guest_spazky] you're killing me!
[22:19 doomey] oh, let me tell you, pam, abuse is hardly the word i'd use to describe the hell yer damn hubby has put me through
[22:19 doomey] hah
[22:19 Guest_spazky] Pawn 4 c
[22:19 hautdesert] What, he makes you read all that cap?
[22:20 doomey] that's the least of it, dear dear desert
[22:20 Guest_spazky] You've always been a hell of a broker, man.
[22:20 hautdesert] You seem to find some good stuff!
[22:20 hautdesert] Though I've seen a slushpile, and don't envy you your job.
[22:20 doomey] the housing is not up to code
[22:20 Guest_spazky] got the move?
[22:21 doomey] the drafts are not liquid, know what i mean
[22:21 doomey] the bed is stone Floor
[22:21 Guest_spazky] It is a bit dank down there, sir. But you seem to thrive in such environments.
[22:21 hautdesert] Eh. Give Jesus some plywood and nails. Hey, he's already got the nails!
[22:21 doomey] the wildlife has many legs, more than 4
[22:21 Guest_spazky] Pawn 4 c
[22:21 doomey] right
[22:22 hautdesert] Homebrew--it's the perfect place for something lambic-like, yes?
[22:22 doomey] jesus might right the boat
[22:22 doomey] got your move
[22:22 Guest_spazky] got it?
[22:22 Guest_spazky] Ok1
[22:23 Guest_spazky] Now prepare to die.
[22:23 doomey] Nf3
[22:23 Guest_spazky] yeah?
[22:23 Guest_spazky] ...got yer move
[22:23 doomey] oh yeah
[22:24 doomey] bring it
[22:24 doomey] bring it!
[22:24 Guest_spazky] qx3e
[22:25 hautdesert] I can't stay to the end! I must go.
[22:25 hautdesert] I'll check the QR to see how things came out..
[22:25 doomey] that's cool, desert.
[22:25 hautdesert] seizure!
[22:25 doomey] very nice of you to show up
[22:25 Guest_spazky] Again, I have more pawns! YESSSSSS!
[22:26 doomey] do you mean e4
[22:26 doomey] Qxe4?
[22:26 Guest_spazky] Too bad you won't be able to see me put the poignard between his ribs.
[22:26 Guest_spazky] Yes!
[22:26 Guest_spazky] Isn't there pawn there?
[22:26 doomey] i'll epee your ballsack to the plywood flooring, i will, ted
[22:27 Guest_spazky] You're too drunk to see!
[22:27 doomey] i've a pawn on e4
[22:27 doomey] you're queen could not take a pawn on e3
[22:27 Guest_spazky] Isn't there a pawn there, I ssssay?
[22:28 doomey] your queen is on d5
[22:28 Guest_spazky] er, that's what I meant, eh?
[22:28 doomey] can't take anything on e3
[22:28 Guest_spazky] Get your head in the game! It's obvious I meant that.
[22:28 doomey] hah
[22:28 doomey] you meant what
[22:29 Guest_spazky] 4e!
[22:29 Guest_spazky] That's what I said originally, check the script.
[22:29 doomey] queokay Qxe4?
[22:29 Guest_spazky] Err, no. I did originally say 3e. So sorry!
[22:30 Guest_spazky] I meant 4e
[22:30 doomey] okay got your move
[22:30 Guest_spazky] I take the pawn on 4e for god's sake!
[22:30 Guest_spazky] Give me the pawn, at least!
[22:30 Guest_spazky] I will win in the pawn game ... at least!
[22:31 doomey] Ng5
[22:31 Guest_spazky] I have to put a diaper on Sam and get his pj's on. Brb
[22:31 doomey] okay
[22:31 Guest_spazky] got yer move!
[22:31 Guest_spazky] brb
[22:32 Guest_spazky] q4h
[22:33 doomey] got your move, sir
[22:33 doomey] nasty
[22:33 doomey] you be giving me a hard time, damn it
[22:33 doomey] maybe you'll win!
[22:34 doomey] Rb8
[22:35 Guest_spazky] back
[22:36 Guest_spazky] got yer move
[22:37 doomey] righteous
[22:37 Guest_spazky] B4d
[22:37 Guest_spazky] The turn of the screw.
[22:37 Guest_spazky] I feel the noose tightening sir.
[22:37 doomey] got your move, bra!
[22:37 Guest_spazky] Or is that your neck being squeezed?
[22:38 Guest_spazky] hah.
[22:38 Guest_spazky] ha ha ha ha ha ha
[22:38 Guest_spazky] Got your move!
[22:38 Guest_spazky] Just practicing'
[22:38 doomey] Nf3
[22:38 doomey] i keep going back to this square
[22:39 doomey] strange
[22:39 Guest_spazky] .
[22:39 Guest_spazky] Yes. It's served you well.
[22:40 Guest_spazky] B3c
[22:40 doomey] hm
[22:40 Guest_spazky] You are toying with me!
[22:41 doomey] seems a limbo move, but...
[22:41 doomey] got your move!
[22:41 Guest_spazky] Damn it.
[22:41 doomey] what
[22:41 Guest_spazky] I already took my mulligan. How about I get two move to every one of yours?
[22:42 Guest_spazky] One and a half perhaps.
[22:42 doomey] you wanna take back?
[22:42 Guest_spazky] got your move!
[22:42 Guest_spazky] nah. I'm finished.
[22:42 Guest_spazky] You've got me in the cradle all night.
[22:43 doomey] i didn't make a move, nimrod
[22:43 Guest_spazky] Or rocker or whatever it's called. Wore me the heck out.
[22:43 Guest_spazky] Got youer move1
[22:43 Guest_spazky] Got your move!
[22:43 doomey] what move
[22:43 Guest_spazky] Sheesh. I can move for you1
[22:43 Guest_spazky] Eight?
[22:44 Guest_spazky] Aeet?
[22:44 doomey] eight?
[22:44 Guest_spazky] Like the brother's say.
[22:44 doomey] oh jeez
[22:44 Guest_spazky] Ahh-eeet.
[22:44 doomey] you've been woofing on the peace pipe
[22:44 Guest_spazky] Extra-freaking-Gold!
[22:44 doomey] okay
[22:44 doomey] my move?
[22:44 Guest_spazky] Now move, will yuz?
[22:45 doomey] Nxh4
[22:45 Guest_spazky] do it1
[22:45 doomey] your queen just skidded on her face in the dirt beside my warrior horse
[22:46 Guest_spazky] pawn x h4
[22:46 Guest_spazky] har har.
[22:46 Guest_spazky] I'm not laughing.
[22:46 Guest_spazky] Suck it.
[22:46 Guest_spazky] Warrior horse.
[22:46 doomey] got your move!
[22:47 Guest_spazky] Felled by a humble pawn1
[22:47 Guest_spazky] !!!
[22:47 Guest_spazky] Capiche?
[22:47 doomey] Qxh4
[22:48 Guest_spazky] AT least...
[22:48 Guest_spazky] Shouldna done that sucker!
[22:48 Guest_spazky] got yer move.
[22:48 doomey] yes?
[22:48 doomey] we are on our 32nd move
[22:49 doomey] pretty good
[22:49 Guest_spazky] Rx7g
[22:49 Guest_spazky] x
[22:49 doomey] nice!
[22:50 doomey] oh christ
[22:50 doomey] you might have me!
[22:50 doomey] you bastard!
[22:50 Guest_spazky] got my move?
[22:50 doomey] Kh8
[22:50 Guest_spazky] checkmate in two moves.
[22:50 doomey] my only move!
[22:50 doomey] damn
[22:50 Guest_spazky] got yer move.
[22:51 Guest_spazky] Rx7f x
[22:51 Guest_spazky] got it?
[22:52 doomey] got yer move
[22:52 Guest_spazky] huh?
[22:52 doomey] i am in check
[22:52 doomey] crap
[22:52 Guest_spazky] Good luck and goodnight, bra!
[22:52 doomey] Kg8
[22:53 Guest_spazky] It was like Ali vs. Foreman in Zaire! Rope-a-dope, rope-a-dope.
[22:53 Guest_spazky] Do you know how to rope a dope?
[22:53 Guest_spazky] got yer move
[22:53 doomey] yeah, i do know how to rope a dope
[22:54 doomey] wondering what yer planning
[22:54 Guest_spazky] Oops. Guess the mate in two moves just went out the window.
[22:54 doomey] might be i am sunk
[22:54 doomey] well...
[22:54 Guest_spazky] I've got you in a sling, though. Draw!
[22:54 doomey] i am never a man of 'mate in two moves',... bro
[22:54 doomey] no draw!
[22:54 doomey] no draw!
[22:54 Guest_spazky] What the rule on a closed circuit check sling thing?
[22:55 doomey] no idea
[22:55 doomey] your move!
[22:55 Guest_spazky] Where I just keep putting you in check forever?
[22:55 Guest_spazky] It's a battle of attrition!
[22:55 doomey] do it
[22:55 doomey] bring it
[22:55 doomey] no rule on that
[22:56 doomey] that i know of
[22:56 Guest_spazky] r7g
[22:56 Guest_spazky] x
[22:56 doomey] its not x, bro
[22:56 Guest_spazky] yeah?
[22:56 doomey] it's +
[22:57 Guest_spazky] what?
[22:57 doomey] check is +
[22:57 doomey] not x
[22:57 doomey] Kh8
[22:57 Guest_spazky] Your king is on g8?
[22:57 doomey] yeah
[22:58 doomey] it is check
[22:58 doomey] just +, not x
[22:58 Guest_spazky] =
[22:58 Guest_spazky] OK.
[22:58 Guest_spazky] sour grapes, man. Give me my X!
[22:59 Guest_spazky] all right. Got yer move.
[22:59 Guest_spazky] when you make it, that is.
[22:59 doomey] made it
[22:59 doomey] Kh8
[22:59 Guest_spazky] I'm watching 'Friends', so I kinda jumped the gun. That is, I don't need to concentrate fully in a game with you1
[23:00 doomey] no you don't
[23:00 Guest_spazky] R1g
[23:00 doomey] you should just make quick moves
[23:00 doomey] got your move
[23:01 doomey] Rg1?
[23:01 doomey] really?
[23:01 doomey] oh i get it
[23:01 doomey] the other rook
[23:01 Guest_spazky] yeah?
[23:01 Guest_spazky] right.
[23:01 Guest_spazky] the other rook.
[23:02 Guest_spazky] the one on a1
[23:02 Guest_spazky] sorry, bra.
[23:02 doomey] Bg4
[23:02 doomey] +
[23:03 Guest_spazky] There's a two for one special in aisle 4
[23:04 Guest_spazky] got yer move. Guess the special just ended.
[23:04 doomey] i've got some land for sale on an island off the coast of I'M A DUMBASS!
[23:04 Guest_spazky] K2g
[23:04 doomey] hah
[23:05 Guest_spazky] got it?
[23:05 doomey] you nearly had me, yo
[23:05 doomey] but as long as i can move, there's no checkmate
[23:05 Guest_spazky] darn. My rook is now snookered.
[23:05 doomey] got your move
[23:05 Guest_spazky] Finish it then, sir.
[23:06 doomey] Qh3
[23:06 doomey] and i believe that's checkmate, sister
[23:06 Guest_spazky] .
[23:06 Guest_spazky] Yep.
[23:06 Guest_spazky] At least make the proper symbols!
[23:06 Guest_spazky] ++
[23:06 doomey] yep, that's checkmate
[23:06 Guest_spazky] Well. Good game.
[23:07 doomey] i got you again, sister
[23:07 doomey] 3-0
[23:07 Guest_spazky] I made you work this time, a bit.
[23:07 doomey] no frickin doubt
[23:07 Guest_spazky] I will be sure to post this great victory.
[23:07 Guest_spazky] Best out of 13~!
[23:07 doomey] next game might be yours, f'r sure, bra
[23:07 doomey] alright
[23:08 Guest_spazky] We'll play again soon. Thanks. Looks like the script has held. So I gotta copy nad paste it.
[23:08 Guest_spazky] Anyhow. I hope work is going well for you ?
[23:08 doomey] goodnight and have fun and drink much and much softies not hard
[23:08 doomey] love ya, boss! see ya at the offices
[23:09 Guest_spazky] And the cap. It's flowing slowly. Hopefully will pick up by the fifteenth.
[23:09 Guest_spazky] Good night.


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