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Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Take the Poll by the Horns, win a Stripper!

Yes. That headline was just to rope you in. I have read that blogges need arresting headlines in order to 'work'. What I have in mind here has nothing to do with horns or strippers or grabbing poles or anything related to the above mentioned. What I do have in mind is a quick poll I submitted to my staff members, and how the investors who read this blogge may have some valuable input to, erm, input. So, without further ado, here's the poll.

1. What do you think of TQR's current strategy of paring the unregistered public's access to the site pretty much to what's linked in the Lobby and, as far as the menu is concerned -- The Free Market?

2. Would TQR be better served making most menu items public? If so, what use is there to having a 'registered' side of the site?

3. What about doing away with the menu altogether except for the Login/out item? Meaning, the Free Market would be for 'registered' investors along with most of the other items now there.

4. Do you have any general comments you'd like to make public? Speak, I say!


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