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Friday, June 23, 2006

Zombie Holocaust: Pre-Production

So, me and my screenwriting partner Boligard Doomey have adapted John Colvin's CG Between the Night People and the Day People (live on the TQR site for another month or so) for the silver screen. So, yeah, it's a short film, but we've got zombies and ghosts and aliens! It could be expanded into a full length mega-blockbuster. I've been trying to pull together a cast from the TQR staff. No takers yet. But here's the gmail I've sent out.

Yo. Here's the script. We need to get together and perform this soon either on gmail chat or in the Dojo. Let me know which part you'd prefer. There needs to be a narrator to act as kind of a ringmaster, who will cut off the wild ad libbing that will ensue by interjecting the blocks of exposition that exist betwixt the dialogue. The advantage of doing it on gmail chat is that it automatically saves a transcript whereas getting a transcript is a 'cut and paste' affair and includes the need for a cast member who is solely responsible for having their 'refresh' button unchecked and cutting and pasting the transcript once it's over with. The rub is that the only way somebody with their refresh button unchecked can see other people's posts is by posting some gibberish or other themselves then the result of what has gone before that splats wholly onto the screen, in other words, the cut and paster wouldn't know when the performance was over, but would have to sit there looking at a blank screen and estimating the time of the fini of the performance, then type in some gibberish and then do their job (that is if the performance is complete!). So... much ado about nothing. I will attach the script.

You can read the script itself in the Queen's Rump located in the FREE MARKET menu item at TQR. Stay tuned.


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