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Wednesday, June 21, 2006


Terminal Velocity ( Public )
Written by Theodore Q. Rorschalk

Dear Investors,

Though ‘Extra Time’ has been allotted in order that Archi get in his two cents worth, we’re down to the Terminal nitty gritty. Thus far, it appears we’ve got six works heading into the executives suites which are going to be commandeered this quarter by a real pair of Aces! Which is different than last quarter’s pair of asses … excuse me, but I had to pause to laugh. As I was saying, this quarter’s executive suite breakdown will at least be something fresh and never-before seen here at TQR: a hit man with iambic pentameter as deadly as his professional je n’ais ce quois facing off against his better half in what promises to be something along the lines of a messy court battle for custody of the children, they, the children, of course, in this case, being the precious cap.

I am not clear exactly when either of these two executive types propose to make their grand entrances at their respective offices, although Qrist has been in and out of the Report muttering low something-or-others referencing Beckham’s love affair with one Ronaldodino, but suffice to say it won’t be long now. You are directed to check daily the Free Market in order that you do not miss the imminent start of the proceedings, and to catch up with things in the Rump and the Safe House.

I would like to thank all the VC who have once again offered up their ventures for our vetting this quarter, and encourage you, if you did not quite make it to the top this time, to keep on plugging. And to those of you moving forward into the suites, may God have mercy on your souls! Just kidding. I wish you, as always, the best of luck.

Sincerely, Theodore Q. Rorschalk


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