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Thursday, July 06, 2006

Zombie Holocaust dress rehearsal postponed due to dearth of cast

Until further notice. Seems Gabby is spending her weekends running naked through the woods or some such. Which is kinda cool to visualize, I think. But that leaves her with no modem jack or anything. Bulldust has calves and cows to contend with this weekend. Raygun is locked into a tet 'a tet with that insufferable whining card sharp Phil Helmuth: Go Raygun! So. This Friday just wasn't in the cards, sts. Get it? ha ha. I'm soooofa king funny. Anyhoot. Here are some gmails to give you a taste of the fall of the House of Zombie Holocaust rehearsal.


With regret but only some, I must advise that it is now unlikely that I will be able to appear as the disheveled Sonia, wife of big Portus, for the dress rehearsal in the dojo Friday nite. You see, I can't help it. It's hot, scorching hot, and on Fridays I have taken to leaving the mainstream and losing myself on the backroads in search of what is here as close to Shangri La as an upright Canadian girl can get. My tipi, my cabin-in-the-wood.

I don't have access to the 'net on weekends unless I stay where I am which, for the next few weeks, I probably will not because it would be foolish.

Is Friday the only time that works for everyone else?

My apologies for throwing the marble into the batter... I was a difficult child.

Gabrielle DePlancher

And this note from the rancid and despicable Stable Boy!

Bulldust will be crushed to hear you are not attending the dojo. but hey, he couldn't go anyway. his little bulls and little cows are in the village for the weekend.

but hey, frenchie chick, you look pretty skanky- I mean "hot" in that beret and tight-fitting skirt. how bout you and I do a little salsa in the straw. [stable boy adjusts his crotch]

I don't know if it's true, frenchie, but I'm hearing from others round this rump that you aint showing up for rehearsal coz you've got the rounds to do on friday night, if you know me meaning. they say your "work" name is graffitied all over that dimly lit corner down the road ... what's that intersection called again ... the one where all those professional ladies hangout at ... umm- oh that's right! that's right [stable boy says with a sneering grin] the intersection's called "Tit and Ass".
yeah, you're excused, frenchie, from the dojo. we don't go for your type round here, unless your handing out freebies that is!

if not, then you may as well go share a table with the other losers over there, the scrawny peck doomey and his ham sandwich buddy, mister landou.

Oye! santino, you slow prick, gimme a milkshake, and stick the straw in your draw this time. I'm going mouth to rim with this one. ANd hey, someone tell me where that wank-off theo is. I'm getting pretty sick of all these idjuts populating this joint. I want something done before I get the bull onto you. So don't mess with me. No one. I know the bull.

I'd not have that little hellion in my production if you paid me! But that is as it is. Stay tuned for the rescheduling of my epic fillum: Zombie Holocaust!


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