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Tuesday, October 03, 2006

On Being Asked to Play Chess with a Lunatic

The following is an exchange concerning the VC of a prospective venture currently being vetted up in the Executive Suite, RAF, who claimed in her bio to play a 'mean game of chess.' This sparked TQR's interest and he alerted his local chess samurai, Boligard, that perhaps a dojo match was in the offing, and a sizeable spike in market share, to boot!

Theodore Q. Rorschalk to Boligard

Yo. According to her, she is only 16! Can you believe it? I'm thinking she must be something of a prodigy. She says her chess game is not that solid and she is a bit intimidated to play Boligard the great. Anyhow, perhaps I could play her since I am not that great a chess player, and you could do color commentary. What I have in mind is a chess match and an interview inbetween moves.

Boligard Doomey to TQR
yes sir, sounds cool. a dojo happening would be welcome. 16? jeez. let me know what you two figure out. if she doesn't want to play chess, maybe we could play a round of hungry hippos.

TQR to Boligard Doomey
And then again, she could just be sandbagging, right? I mean, if she's only 16 and can write a great story like OBATDBAG, she's probably somewhere near GM status, yo? Whatever. I think it would be a gas no matter if you or I play/interview her. Either way, it's be a dojo menage a trois.

It would be virtual pedophilia, and virtual life imitating actual art. Or something like that. I'll let you know what is what. My wife is due any day now, so all plans I make are subject to get blown out of the water, though. So take that into consideration.

Boligard Doomey to TQR

wow. you gonna be real busy, bro. not sure i knew about this. did i know about this? hm. well, congrats and may the babe have pointed ears. and although i know you seem pretty bent on naming, if it's a boy, yer micro-hansen Boligard, i can only try and tell you one more time that i think that might be a mistake. but, hey, you're gonna do what you want, am i right? anyway, about the frumpkin thang, wadever. i am in the middle of a massive rewrite, so all things are blown out of the water. ha ha.

Theodore Q. Rorschalk to Boligard

Congrats on the massive rewrite. That can be like giving birth, too. The baby is a girl and we're naming her Noe. It's the wife's idea.

Boligard Doomey to TQR

ah, noe. named after the nuclear overhauser effect, no doubt. nice.
i just read one cap, just now finished. it was not good. not good at all. there was a ray of hope when the VC started to get nasty, but that kind of evaporated. on to the next cap.


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