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Friday, August 24, 2012

Though late, Dep's rejections are a slice of cap/vet heaven

Bonjour, Monsier Khambatta:

It is with both elation and apology that today I send my note.

You see, mon ami, last week after I read your bouyant piece, Flashing Police Lights Missing, and decided thereafter that it deserved at least a swing at those bulbous egotists in The Terminal, I did neglect to advise you of your cap's fate. And now, before you have heard the good news, already they have delivered the not-so-good. Life can be like an unwashed can of dogfood sometimes.

Such inaction on my part [in not immediately advising of your cap's fate] would be, je pense, nearly unforgivable in some circumstances. I have done my penance, however, in previous lifetimes and so...I offer you not the assurance of my resignation but only my humble apology, hoping this will all soon enough be forgotten. You are, I have no doubt, already working on some other intriguing piece of work that we here at TQR may have the interesting task of reviewing at some time in the dimly lit future.

Thank you for your interest in our sullied little rag, TQR. We do hope to hear from you again.

Bon chance, and may your sails always catch the wind!


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