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Monday, November 05, 2012

Dep, in spite of the typos, is gaga for FORGETTING ARTIE NEDDERS

Bonjour, Monsieur McNulty:

You write like a writer, McNulty. Yes, I have read your cap, Forgetting Artie Nedders, as recently presented to the dusty side of the street here at TQR.

McNulty, you've got a silly pencil, je pense, and a sharp one. I wanted to slap Artie at times...but then, I was tricked. Preposterous! I thought, as I read this cap...but then I smiled as I read the next development in this witty plot. You are a conscientious comic, non?

And because I like your cap, I forgive you for a couple of typos but I want you to find them anyway, just for the exercise. Sometimes, if caught in certain moods of the day, Doomey and I can turn nasty like rabid pit bulls off-leash when presented with caps wrought with spelling, grammatical, or typographical drizzle. Yes, because sometimes it's interpreted as insult to us lowly Floorites. We are sensitive.

Your cap has only a couple of these transgressions.

Find these: "pore" should be "pour" in the context of your cap while "you're" ought to be "your" in another place.

These things are minuscule, but important.

But, Monsieur McNulty, I go on too long...here is the important part: your cap, Forgetting Artie Nedders, will be delivered this date to the beasts residing in the Terminal. There, it may endure unspeakable wretchedness or absolute love and coddling. It's the chance you take.

Merci, for taking the chance with TQR. It's a risky business.

Bon chance!



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