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Monday, February 16, 2015

Doomey's reductio in absurdem of ABDUCTION


so, hey, rik, thanks for sending along your dungeons and dragons plotline. s'cool and all. nice fucking craft, by the way. yep and yeah. but, yeah, i will not be pushing this up...because, yeah, this did not touch the monkey for reasons of worldliness, and no, not really that, but rather the lack there of. lit, today, is about unreal/real shit. and what lit does is trigger emotion, it makes us fucking weep, man. and it makes us fall on the floor with laughter. i do like cute. as in "cute". but...but, i like "cute" a little less than than i like soft porn. up on my list is unreality. and by unreality, i mean reality. and, follow me, by reality, i mean fuck all. i love a comic line, and i love a dramatic line. but i do not like a dramatic line sans the comedic. and i fucking hate the comedic line going full bore without a damn death scene, savvy?

s'me, i fucking know. ask anyone else...submit to anyone else and you are fucking Flint, right? but, hey, yeah, you know.

this business is aweful, but you'll do fine. it's us, the staff, who're doomed, fucked. thanks for giving us a chance to publish Abduction. you'll be picked by some other mag. truth.

truth. stand on your street and look each person that passes you in the eye. and smile.

peace bitch,

Boligard Doomey / the Floor / www.tqrstories.com


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