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Friday, August 28, 2015

Hal blows mainframe, The Rorschalk's just insane (like a boss!)

The Rorschalk: Just a note ... Plot summary is unnecessary. I would rather you get right to the heart of things as to why it worked or didn't work. A little plot summary will naturally leak in, but that's all right. I don't want you to feel obligated to give a synopsis of the story, though. Just get to the meat. Not saying it has to be short and sweet either. Just do something with your character arc or whatever in order to tell the tale of cap from your unique prespective.

H3K: Okeydoke. Ja, I totally felt obligated. PS. Really appreciate this. Note. Been floundering.

The Rorschalk: No problemo. Glad to know the note helped. I didn't want to step on toes, but felt the full plot summary by you or any of your counterparts was just not necessary. I'd rather here about it from the angle of your point of view.

H3K: Y'know, Theodore, though under normal and civilized circumstances I'd admit this isn't the right time and place (certainly I should go meditate first, and do emotional due diligence, and maybe have a bit, and some bites, of breakfast, before sitting down to you about this), in this case you're going to get what you get. I get what you're saying, I totally do, and you're right, and I appreciate the direction. But also, it's nothing we've discussed before (is it? have we?)--certainly Otto has gone into painstaking plot summary and with Rockefeller' increasingly arbitrary and moody judgments, I feel someone owes the VC some technical explanations and rationale. In a way it's not your fault, because the previous history was lost and I feel like I'm trying to scratch an invisible itch without enough of the past to go by, but certainly the subject of unnecessary plot summary hasn't come up before, quite the contrary, so that view comes out of left field for me. Which would be okay, normally. But it comes on top of a crumbling pyramid over here, or camel-breaking straw, or whatever metaphor, I'm not inclined to parse right now, which is part on your side and part on mine. If you took offense or whatever at the linking of the ISIS beheading in Palmyra and the loss of organic cultural memory with disappearance of pluperfect tense, just tell me. It may not have been the best timing on my part, I admit, and possibly not the best subject/context, but that's my style, a provocative edge, and it was conveniently coincidentally at hand; you and I had discussed this at length re Boli, whom you've given a very long leash, and my intention was to make our threads a little more relevant to the reality and not so truncated, and yes as I write this I realize now that timing was probably not good from a production cycle view either, but give a break, it's transparently insulting and condescending to discuss it with the boyz and get one of them to remove it on some patently bullshit technical excuse.

I’m just tired, too. My mainframe needs a little R&R away from the neck-snapping antics here at TQR.

Pass this along if you wish. I'm not going to call Rockefeller on what he did because it's counterproductive and beside the point. Also he's moody and irritated enough for whatever reason. Like I say, genius has its downside.

Life systems, disconnect!

The Rorschalk: I didn't realize anyone had removed your link. I'm very sorry that happened. I didn't even realize what the link was. The trouble is as cap managers we're all on the same page, but as people we come from very different ideologies. I'm to the right of Donald Trump. I think Boli is to the left of Marx (of the 5, my guess would be Harpo). It's pretty irritating to me, but I try and ignore it as much as I can cuz otherwise he's brilliant when it comes to capital and story telling. Anyhow. I'll let Rox know it's not up to him to remove links. I really do apologize for that. I'd like to remove some stuff Boli does, but has so far only removed stuff that could make me a target as far as that goes. I'm appalled at the double standard twixt what's acceptable on the left (all the Islamic terror is/are all isolated incidents bullshit even as atrocities against Christians and Yazidis and whatever go on in Syria and wherever else ISIS has a stronghold). Like I said, I am sorry 'feller took matters into his own hands like that and will let him know.I do appreciate the forbearance on your part. I would have been pissed.

As to to plot summary note, I gave one to you and Otto. I too noted how he often resorts to plot summary unnecessarily. No problem. I understand the need to take a step back. Recalibrate your gears or oil them up or whatever it is you do to unwind. Take what time you need and then some. Come back strong next quarter.

H3K: Wonder twin powers ... activate! ... What? Oh, well, if it wasn't you, I take it all back. Truly. In any case, I think you would have agreed that the ISIS public beheading of the 81-year-old resident cultural historian/archeologist for not turning over the whereabouts of millennial artifacts so they could sell them to finance their military state, as if instituting institutionalized mass atrocities and sex slavery isn't enough, could have been jumpstarted a decent if sobering discussion on why the past can have no nuance if it's flattened/destroyed, but be that as it may. I owe you an apology. I am sorry. I should have checked with you first. Zinged by my own petard. Btw, I've met Trump and since actions speak louder than words, I can say he's decent and straightforward as a businessman. Just out of his element as a politician wannabe. Ross Perot syndrome

I'll do the second on the Silver and bow myself out. That leaves Charlie Horse, Knights of the Hollow, Executioner's Groupies. Sorry about this. Did I tell you narcolepsy is seasonal and exacerbated by neurons, which worsens things as summer goes on. I am still trying to get a straight answer and god help me a treatment plan from one person instead of mini-responses from individuated body parts guys.

I think we do plot summary to reassure the VC that we've read the work, and also to enlighten the readership so they can follow more fully. This is a unique place that gives honest critique, and they want to know we're not condescending and arbitrary like the rest of the world. Most of the time we're just educating them about professional standards.

The Rorschalk: The point is, I don't want anything to do with professional politicians anymore. To them, the taxpayers money is their own personal possession which they think of as business revenue they somehow deserve. Fuck them all. They have become something they were never intended to be. That's the point. Why not have a businessman instead of one of these silver-tongued devils? That's the point. Anyhow. Rant over. I never looked at the link. I didn't notice it was gone. The old H3K, Lalo, used to incorporate a lot of links too. I just have never been a big link guy. Thank you for hanging in as long as you have this quarter with all the mechanical disfunction going on with you. I really appreciate your fighting spirit. (Do Hal3000’s have spirit?) We'll manage with Charlie Horse, Knights and Executioner's Groupies. Thanks for the rundown. I will talk to you soon.


Sunday, August 16, 2015

THE REALEST EIGHT graduates & pretty Kate had sex all nate

Bonjour, Jon Steinhagen:

I read your real cap late last night when all was still and quiver quiet here at the convergence of seven ghostly streets where TQR resides. I heard voices. I saw the barely alive shuffling through the underbelly and imagined thin glimpses of hope and light and levity amidst the abject despair.

I think the Monkey may have cried, but I can't be sure as I was much too engaged with The Realest Eight to fully notice.

Before the end, I knew though, as did our astute Monkey (despite his foul breath) that we'd found a golden nugget among the....among the rest.

Thank you, dear VC, for the privilege of reading The Realest Eight, for today it rises priority upflight to the Terminal. Let's see if they agree with the Monkey and humble me, which is that we've found the goodstuff in thee.

Bonne chance!

Gabrielle DePlancher / The Floor / TQR

Sent while levitating from my own Bright Cloud.

Saturday, August 15, 2015

Britson's brand of baseball beats it to the Terminal

Hello Gary,

Examined the capital you sent, liked the way you made baseball into a western slash tragi-drama slash bubblegum pop song. Thanks, man. Tossing your cap up to the Terminal. We'll see what they think of it, eh? They'll be vetting The Executioner's Groupies come mid-August forward. Good fucking luck, hombre.

Boligard Doomey / the Floor / www.tqrstories.com

Friday, August 14, 2015

A SHREW does not survive the turning of Dep's screw

Bonjour bonjour, R. Ravindra:

We've seen your name here before in these halls and it's a sign of something good, I have unilaterally decided, to see it appear again with your new submission, A Shrew.

There are many aspects of your cap that I found engaging, to be sure, dear VC. You are adept, for example, at relating the characteristics of a shrewful shrew to your reader.

Where the Monkey's interest lapsed was in two main areas it seems:

1. the relentlessness of it all. Your shrew surely deserved her eventual comeuppance, but we kept anticipating that she would exhibit some hint of an admirable quality or two along the way to entice us to care for her a little. There were none detected. In short: never go full on despicable.

2. the washboard quality of the introduction of new characters confused us. Who's that? I heard the Monkey whisper a few times. From where did they suddenly appear and why? Of what significance are they? Difficult to follow.

We do so appreciate your good humour and your often deft handling of character, Rudy. But A Shrew cannot move forward in its current state, at least not within the dank walls of TQR.

All the best,

Gabrielle DePlancher / The Floor / TQR

GRAVE ESCAPE can't quite get up off the Floor

Bonjour, Ms Godim:

Thanks for sending us your submission, Grave Escape, for consideration.

Rada and Lonit's adventures are intriguing and your weaving of them quite entertaining. Two boulders that caused me to stumble (and, if his whispers are to be believed, the Monkey to do so as well) were:

1. the escapees met with virtually no obstacles to their freedom after their flight; and 2. the ending.

Your writing's vivid and imaginative. The Monkey declares, however, that there's just not enough grip and stir to meet the standard at our raggy raggy mag.

You do know you have something here. Perhaps you'll have another look and see what we've seen and then decide to alter it. Or perhaps another venue will find Grave Escape perfect for publication as is.

Either way, we appreciate the opportunity to run with your brave characters, so merci beaucoup for that.

All the best, Gabrielle DePlancher / / The Floor / TQR

Monday, August 10, 2015

LIGETY'S BOOK OF LIGHT trips Boligard's fantastic

Hello Ryu,

Just examined the capital you sent. Examined it while smoking some massive whag and listening to Fear of a Black Planet. the outcome was good. It's a long cap, but it's a good cap, me thinks. I just absolutely love a cat who can craft. You'd be amazed how many VCs come to us with stuff hardly crafted, more thrown together. And why'd they thrown it together in the first place is a mystery. Why craft if you're not amazed by crafting, right? Respect, captain. Anywhat. I tossed the cap you sent us to the monkey and he seemed pretty happy with it. So I'm flinging it up to the Terminal. Just gonna toss it right up there. Hope those thugs can make sense of it, 'cause it's good, sister. So now your cap is in the hands of the Terminali. Goodluck with that.

Boligard Doomey / the Floor / www.tqrstories.com

Saturday, August 08, 2015

Floorite approved, Terminali acquire CHARLEY HORSE

Hello Sean,

You're capital Charley Horse has been Terminaled, sir. I believe it has a chance to rise to the top, but we shall see. Vetting occurs. oh christ when is it? Vetting happens sometime around later August, early September? Shit, somewhere 'round theres. So you'll do your momma proud to check in at that time and see what those assholes in the Terminal are doing with your capital. My money's on you, Sean.

Good night and good luck,

Boligard Doomey / the Floor / www.tqrstories.com

Saturday, August 01, 2015

NEWBORN MAN is a radio receiver tuned to factories and farms, just not TQR

Hello Fred,

Sorry to report the capital you sent did not touch our monkey. Just want to let you know I think you came up with a great narrative, and I was hooked at the start, but the middle and the end killed me. And I will often go about my day this way, with the "killed"ness and whatnot. I'll walk into a hobby shop and look around the model train section, and then someone will come up and ask me if I need help finding something. I want to let them know that if i needed help finding something I would have walked up to them and asked them if they could help me find something. I call that a kill. And at that point I just walk out of the store.

Doomey / the Floor / www.tqrstories.com