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Friday, August 14, 2015

GRAVE ESCAPE can't quite get up off the Floor

Bonjour, Ms Godim:

Thanks for sending us your submission, Grave Escape, for consideration.

Rada and Lonit's adventures are intriguing and your weaving of them quite entertaining. Two boulders that caused me to stumble (and, if his whispers are to be believed, the Monkey to do so as well) were:

1. the escapees met with virtually no obstacles to their freedom after their flight; and 2. the ending.

Your writing's vivid and imaginative. The Monkey declares, however, that there's just not enough grip and stir to meet the standard at our raggy raggy mag.

You do know you have something here. Perhaps you'll have another look and see what we've seen and then decide to alter it. Or perhaps another venue will find Grave Escape perfect for publication as is.

Either way, we appreciate the opportunity to run with your brave characters, so merci beaucoup for that.

All the best, Gabrielle DePlancher / / The Floor / TQR


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