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Friday, May 12, 2006

Is this the real Bulldust? Or just a passing fancy?

I found this inside a dossier somebody had clandestinely placed in my inbox sometime between the time I left the office yesterday and the time I arrived back this morning. Owing to the fact the Bull himself has spoken of himself in Bull terms up to this point makes be doubt the images veracity which, though Bull-like in its dimensions and aspect, is still very much human.

If it is the real likeness of BD, a passle of new questions bloom in my curious innards. Like, BD, are you schizophrenic? Why all the talk of goring matadores and dragging bovine (and very much blue) testicles in the dirt? Do you really eat grass? Are you going to walk into the office one day in a foul temper and pop my head off like a seeding dandelion's?

This is the evidence. A red herring, perhaps? Time will tell. But in the best interest of investor transparency I thought it best to come clean. If I am found battered and bloodied and quite dead in the next 72 hours, you all know who to suspect!

Murder will out!


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