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Wednesday, October 04, 2006

On Being Asked to Butt Out by a VC's Mother

I'm sure it's just a reasonable misunderstanding, and yet never did I imagine having such a problem. You see, this morning I received a gmail from prospective CGVC RAF's mother, asking me to keep communications with her daughter to matters of publication, or some such. I shall shortly post the entire transcript of the communication that led up to this mild rebuff. The thing is, as I'm sure you all know by now, TQR is all about VC, investor and staff interaction. Most of the time it's a chess match twixt I and Boligard, but sometimes the spirit moves us to learn more about this or that VC for the benefit of the investors. Upon learning that RAF was but 16 year of age, it struck me as something that would be of interest because it is rare for one so young to write something, anything approaching a publishable venture. And so, yes, I was intrigued to know more. I googled RAF and found out she had won a 'Goodnight Moon' writing competition at the tender age of 7! So. My interest in interviewing her and/or meeting her upon the field of battle over a chess board (in her original gmail submission her bio mentioned she played a 'mean game of chess' for Christ's sake) was increased by the fact that she was so young. I suppose the mother got involved due to the current Capitol Hill Page IM/e-mail scandal or some such. And you can't really blame a mother for being wary these strange latter days. It's just that such outside interference, on a gut level, made me want to gmail back saying something along the lines of "I've got yer publication right here, lady!" and then grab my crotch. But, of course, I held my cojones in check and replied with a measured response asking that said publication would entail an insider trading interview with one of the character's from said piece, and hopefully that that would be all right with her and her daughter. So. Without further ado, the evidence! You judge whether I was Foleying this youngish VC ... or not!

Date: 9/28/06
Theodore Q. Rorschalk to RAF:

So, you play a mean game of chess do you? Our resident chess ace, Boligard Doomey, may want you to put your money where your mouth is. Are you amenable to a match in our Dojo area on some night not too far here in the future? This message should not be construed as an indication of your cap's publication in TQR.
We just want to have some up close and personal staff/VC relations. Kind
of a peristroika type deal. Thank you for your consideration.

Best, TQR

On 9/29/06, RAF wrote:


Truth be told, I'm very intimidated. No, I'm not the next Bobby Fischer. When I was in grade school, I remained a "chess enthusiast" while my friends started to rank: master, grand master, etc. At sixteen years old, I'm still not much better than I was when I was ten. I guess maybe, if Boligard wants it that badly.


On 9/30/06, Theodore Q. Rorschal wrote:

You're only 16-years old? Well shoot. You might not be the next Bobby Fischer, but you very well may be the next Eudora Welty! It is amazing to me that someone so young has written something so magnificent as OBATDBAG.
I tell you what. The whole chess thing was just a way to get Boligard out of his shell and interacting with the public. I was thinking something along the lines of a friendly game wherein he interviews you between moves. A kind of chess/interview amalgamation, if you will. Do you know algebraic notation, by the way? If not, perhaps he can simply interview you? But the novelty of a chass match in the Dojo is always worth asking for, anyhow. Let me know what you want to do. I haven't heard back from Boligard yet, so, this proposition is still in the air.

Sincerely TQR

Date: Mon, 2 Oct 2006 10:20:17 -0600
From: "Theodore Q. Rorschalk"
To: "RAF" Subject: Re: Chess?

Boligard is game, if you are. I've been doing a bit of research. Congratulations on winning that 'Good Night, Moon' competition when you were 7! What night would be good for you to meet up with us in the Dojo? Are you familiar with Algebraic Notation for making long distance chess moves? Anyhow. I hope you are. And the sooner we can get this interview/chess match completed the better, seeing as how my wife is very, very pregnant and could go into labor at any moment. Let me know. If the whole chess match thing is not suitable to you, I'd really like to simply do a
>>> quick interview. Would that be all right?

Date: Oct 3, '06
Sent by Mel Henry [RAF's mother] to Theodore Q. Rorschalk

With respect, we'd prefer communication with our daughter to be limited to publication issues.

If you are publishing her story she will forward a brief biography via e-mail.


End note: The piece in question OBATDBAG is an impressive work, especially when you factor in the fact it is written by a sophomore in high school. However, when one's mother gets involved, it kind of sours my attitude of the whole affair.


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