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Thursday, October 05, 2006

Two Ventures for 1 Slot = Cap Fight ... Rahrrrr!

The Executive Suite was at loggerheads concerning the ventures The Man Who Sought Blug and Spiral Architects earlier this day, and so entreated either VC of said pieces to offer up their own defense of their respective work. Soon after that, Peter Hagelslag posted this self defense in the tqrstories.com VC CENTRAL office.

Seeing as how Jeff Sims might not be aware of the current state of affairs concerning his venture at TQR, I took the liberty of sending him this missive.

Theodore Rorschalk to jeffss
2:23 pm MDT (5 Oct, '06)

Dear Mr. Sims,

The slot for the fourth and final venture in TQR's Fall issue has come down to The Man Who Sought Blug and Peter Hagelslag's Spiral Architects. Mr. Hagelslag has already posted in his own defense at VC CENTRAL at tqrstories.com. In the interest of giving you equal time, I thought I would alert you of the situation in order that you might want to say a few words in your own defense at VC CENTRAL.

As I'm pretty certain this transparent way of vetting capital ventures is weird and, perhaps, a bit off putting to you, rest assured our main emphasis is on publishing the best quality capital we are able to any given quarter. Granted, there is the fact that such transparency feeds the investors' need to have a glimpse into the processes that have heretofore been, to them, opaque, but, as I have said, the bottomline is still publishing the best quality cap we possibly can.

To that end, there is the matter of rewriting the conclusion of Blug to give it more of an ironic twist or firmer denuoument (I believe Mr. DeHart elucidates it best here in the Executive Suite)

So, please stop by the site and add your two cents and let us and the investors know that you are in the game, as well as if you are amenable to any of the rewrites suggested above. Of course, even after the minor rewrite, there is no guarantee Blug would triumph over Mr. Hagelslag's offering. You two are most definitely still in competition for that final slot.

Thank you in advance for your patience and understanding in this matter.

Sincerely, TQR

So. Needless to say, the composition of TQR's Fall Issue is coming down to the wire. I sincerely thank all the VC who ventured something this quarter, as well as (and especially) those two who are now teetering on the wire 'twixt publication and oblivion. My hat goes off to you both (and you all). May the best cap (and most convincing auto-advocate) win!


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