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Monday, January 03, 2011

E McDermott makes it official ... inks deal with TQR. Prefers cheque to cash.

Dear Mr. McDermott,

Simply sign contract below and send it back and then I'll send your remuneration. I'll contact you shortly concerning the insider trading clause. Thanks again and Happy New Year.

TQR Publishing Contract
AGREEMENT dated this day of Saturday, January 01, 2011, in which we, the publisher, TQR, agree with you, the author, Edward McDermott, that you grant us the nonexclusive right to publish your work entitled "GOING HOME" on our World Wide Web site in exchange for $80 American, to be tendered by personal check or cash sent to the address specified by the above named author. All other rights to the work belong to you. You guarantee that this work is your own and that you have the right to grant us the use of it. We will code the work in HTML as needed for Web presentation, but will make no substantial changes in text or title without your permission (excepting the odd comma, or obvious typographical error).

In order to better market its Capital Gains on the site, a TQR staffer may work up a number of questions for a particular character inhabiting “GOING HOME" that you, Edward McDermott, agree to answer by channeling the aforementioned 'particular character' from inside the Capital Gain of your creation.

Theodore Q. Rorschalk 01/01/2011

Theodore Q. Rorschalk
founder and CEO of Total Quality Reading, LLC

From: edward McDermott Date: Mon, Jan 3, 2011 at 11:10 AM
To: "Theodore Q. Rorschalk"

__Edward McDermott___________January 3 2011

Please send remuneration in the form of a cheque to the address on the story.

Edward McDermott



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