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Friday, November 09, 2012

Schwartz' ED, NORTON, RALPH, KRAMDEN ascends to the Terminal

Again, we have fumbled...but not quite fallen, j'espere, Monsieur Schwartz!

By now you must know without this official notification that your cap, Ed, Norton, Ralph, Kramden, has been sent to sully the white hankies dangling from the shirt pockets of the Terminali.

Yes, like any toiling Venture Capitalist who first chooses to glance the way of the mirage that is the mighty TQR and then to toss, with deliberation, a package borne of deep thoughts and earnest toiling, you deserve at least to receive this personal confirmation that sometimes what appears between the ragged and fetid edges of the large dance hall of The Floor is more than delusory mutterings from imaginary characters wandering half-dressed and partially baked in the hours between then and now.

Monsieur Schwartz, the cap has risen above the dust.

Thank you for your faith, your drops of blood upon the pages between the scuttle of your characters' fever, and for your return for more of the stuff of TQR. Bon chance! DeP


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